Tuesday, 22 March 2011

A Way I Know

  • I know a road to heaven
  •  Its starts with eleven
  • Long way to go
  • With friends and foe
  • Like a shinning sun 
  • Along brighting stars
  • Leaving from everyone
  • With some undone
  • My way is to long 
  • I will go by a song
  • Thorns in my way
  • But I can't stay
  • Travelling the world
  • With no one at all
  •  In the way I know
  • Which will make me feel so.
  •        ( BY RAKTIM SARMAH)

Friday, 18 March 2011

Days of Life

                                                      Days Of Life

        We got a little life
          To enjoy it little while
           Enjoy the golden days
            With all the ways
              Life once lost,
       Cannot be brought with any cost
         Listen what the heart says
        To enjoy life in full grace
         But all the ways apart
          Take the good one in heart
        To maintain your hood in mud
          Never make anyone cry
          The way you enjoy the high
          So enjoy it without shy
        And carefulness always try.
                  ( by Raktim Sarmah)

Thursday, 17 March 2011

21st Century

                                                                      21st Century
        Its a brand new world
           With awesome design

           At a curiosity to live
       With the branded sunshine
                                                  Enjoyment in every land
                                               Passion blows like the sand   
                                     Humor fly across
                                                 To the country that lost
Weapons that every hold       
Pigeons in heart and soul

Powers for an excellent fight 
Peace never denied             
                                               Its a brand new world
                                              21st century we call
                                              No waste of the clock 
                                             We fly like the hawk .            

                                                                                         (by Raktim Sarmah)      

Oh! Life, what it is?

Oh! life , what it is?
Full of enmities,
No one to love about,
No one to care about,
Just a piece of sheet
Thorns everywhere
Don't know to step where
Don't where the destiny is
Finding the way where it is,
Oh! life , what it is?

by Raktim Sarmah.
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