Saturday, 21 May 2011

Oh! My valentine...

        Oh! My valentine.
What's this you aren't fine?
your tears are dropping from sunshine
Isn't my love not creating the wine
we are to set those things
which we broke but having links
with sweet love of our drinks
and the faint in our rings
        Oh! My valentine
Did I suppose to make a crime
Aren't we in the same rhyme
Days are tested like the lime
We are suppose to be in each other's arm
Lips are seducing our charm
 Like the test of rum
Which is creating an alarm
        Oh! My valentine
The silence in you
Which is hurting me too
I want the days back
In which tears are lack
The kisses in rain
Healing from the pain
Love is just insane
We will be in a chain valentine
                         raktim sarmah-

Thursday, 12 May 2011


    Sorry guys for being out of action for so long.I was sick.Hope u may understand.